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Cursed (the Frog Prince)

Fairy godmothers aren't supposed to punish the innocent.


Rana is a frog; a slimy, green, fly-eating, ribbiting frog, and she's running out of time to save herself from a fate worse than death.


If she doesn't convince Kaleb Prince to kiss her by sunrise, she'll remain a cold-blooded amphibian for the rest of her life…however long that may be.


But if Kaleb didn't notice her when she was human, how will she attract his attention now that she's three inches small?


A humorous fairy tale retelling of The Frog Prince that will have fans of Sarah J. Maas’ fantasy series laughing aloud as they root for a little green frog.


Hop to it! Read Cursed today to discover if true love breaks Rana's curse, or if she becomes a permanent addition to Kaleb’s koi pond.

Hair, She Bears (Rapunzel)

Missing since age five, a young woman discovers her captor never intended to release her, and reacts with a hasty plan which results in an unforeseen death.

The only possessor of the secret ingredient in Votras Alute—a miracle healing drug—Zenna strikes a bargain with the notorious mob boss "Mother" Gothel, to clear her parents' debt and free herself from servitude. However, Mother has other plans...


Malik Gothel, next in line to run the family business, follows orders without question. When fate crosses his path with Zenna, his simple life is upended, and he makes a shocking decision that alters the course of his life forever.


But Mother is not a romantic, and love is not part of the plan. When separating Malik and Zenna fails, Mother resorts to a more sinister plot, one which will cost someone their life.


Mafia meets the Brothers Grimm in this dark, twisted retelling of the classic fairytale, Rapunzel.


One-Click today and fall under the spell of true love!

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Twisted Fairytales

The Frog Prince, Rapunzel, Red Riding Hood

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