Damsels Defeating Distress
Steamy romantic suspense with sass

Destitute, an actress accepts a job impersonating the princess of an island nation, only to discover her subjects are plotting murder.

Lily Lyon’s acting career is dead; her latest play closed on opening night. Broke, jobless, and willing to accept anything, Lily makes the mistake of agreeing to a unique opportunity offered by the mysterious and sexy Jasper, royal guard to Princess Genevieve of Ceresus.

One week in paradise pretending to be the princess in exchange for twenty thousand dollars sounds like the opportunity of a lifetime...until Lily learns Her Highness’ picture perfect life is a charade.

Navigating a minefield of hate, Lily struggles to portray the princess’ venomous demeanor without revealing her true identity. When Genevieve’s body is discovered skewered through the heart, Lily realizes she is in grave danger, but who can she trust when everyone has a motive?

If you enjoy the sensual intrigue of Julie Garwood and Fern Michaels, plunge into this thrilling series filled with romance, mystery, and a dead body...or two.

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Shelter of Innocence
(coming 2021)

When a letter from her recently deceased brother arrives by post, Hannah seeks out his sergeant for answers, and discovers the man is hiding secrets of his own.

Following the appearance of a mysterious flash drive, a midnight break-in forces Hannah to realize that not only was her brother’s death deliberate, her life is in danger. Equipped with an illegible address scribbled on an envelope, Hannah heads to Dublin hoping to discover the truth from the one man her brother trusted… Mick.

Merrick “Mick” Harris returned from war a damaged hero. He wanted nothing more than to sink quietly into his enforced retirement. When he discovers feisty Hannah Blaine occupying his favorite pub stool, a verbal battle ensues. As Merrick digs, he discovers his connection to Hannah is deeper than he originally suspected.

However, someone followed Hannah to Dublin. Someone who wants the flash drive and will kill anyone who stands in his way. When Merrick offers his own life to protect Hannah, she must decide if she’s willing to be the victim forever or if she will to fight back.

If you enjoy the suspense of Linda Howard and the romance of Susan Stoker, snap up this contemporary tale of second chances in this next installment in the Damsels Defeating Distress series.

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A girl on the run plays a high-stakes game of chicken with the man who murdered her parents.

Three years of hiding in the shadows. Three years of looking over her shoulder. Three years of jumping at every shadow. Invisible, Eliza passes from town to town, leaving no trace of herself.

A chance encounter with socialite, Sabrina Maldove, leads to an unexpected car ride and a proposal; a ten-thousand-dollar payment in exchange for auctioning herself at a charity event. Desperate and broke, Eliza agrees, finding herself thrown into a world of luxury, and into the path of Sabrina's sexy brother, Nate. Her immediate attraction to him puzzles Eliza. Love-struck, she straddles a fine line between the life she knows and the possibility of a different future.

However, someone at the auction recognizes Eliza, and they will do anything to keep her true identity a secret. Turning to Nate for protection, Eliza and his family develop a risky plan to draw out her parents' executioner; offering Eliza as bait to the highest bidder. If they succeed, they will catch a killer, but if they fail, Eliza will lose her life.

Adventure, mystery, and passion await in this spicy contemporary romance. Fans of Cristin Harber and Sandra Brown will enjoy this second installation of the Damsels Defeating Distress series.

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