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Choose your destiny...romance or something more sinister?

Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited only

Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited only

A witch without her powers must choose between a dangerous love and a dark destiny.

When circumstances outside of Remy Vasile's control bring her back to Firefly Island, the undeveloped witch doesn't just find herself up against painful memories. This time, the island of secrets has thrown her into a perilous new world.

Sebastian Ayres' blasé attitude and life of pleasurable pursuits is disrupted the moment Remy's hand brushes his. Irresistibly drawn to his mate, Sebastian must undertake the daunting task of persuading her that he is not just any man, but the only man for her.

But unbeknownst to either, dark secrets, hidden since Remy's birth, are about to be uncovered, and Remy will be confronted with a life-altering decision. Remy must decide if she will fight and risk her heart...or continue running from her destiny to save her life.

Reminiscent of Anne Rice and Charlaine Harris, Alyssa Drake's Firefly Island series will cast a seductive spell on you.


To save her childhood crush from an amphibian fate, a waitress strikes a fool’s bargain with a slighted enchantress.

Rana is hiding a secret. Since she was eight years old, she has been in love with Kaleb Prince, the son of her mother’s former employer. The day he left for collage, her heart shattered. Inconsolable, she accepted a job on Firefly Island, in the hopes she could forget about the boy who never loved her in return.

The traumatic passing of his mother sent Kaleb spiraling down a dark path. If not for Rana’s mother, he would have been lost to that world completely. Fifteen years later, her death drives him to search for Rana, leading him to the island. However, Kaleb is hiding a secret too, one which forces him to reject the advances of a vindictive sorceress.

Revenge is a dish best served green. Rana begs the witch for a chance to prove Kaleb’s merit. She agrees, transforming Rana into a frog. Now, Rana has until sundown to convince Kaleb to kiss her before the metamorphosis becomes permanent. Exhibiting more froglike qualities with each passing hour, will Rana be too late to save herself or will she finally get her Prince?

Combining the fantasy of Sarah J. Maas with the romantic humor of Sophia Kinsella, the second installment of the Firefly Island series will take you on a fantastical journey through an urban jungle (through the eyes of a love-sick frog).

A victim of obligation discovers the cost of true love: one soul.

Gabrielle wastes her days slogging away behind a desk, fending off the unwanted advances of her manager, and her nights spoon-feeding memories to her mother, a new resident of an assisted-living facility specializing in dementia.

The only high-point in her life is Luciano, the striking grandson of another patient, who suffers the same fate as she. When his grandmother dies, Luciano gives Gabrielle a farewell gift: an antique music box.

But the music box hides an evil curse–one which demands a unique sacrifice. Once the truth is revealed, Gabrielle must decide what–and who–she is willing to sacrifice for love.

Fans of Christine Feehan and Nora Roberts will be captivated by the third book in this haunting paranormal series.

Fall in love with Gabrielle and Luciano all over again (complete with British accent). Grab your copy of The Music Box (the original version of Possessed) and listen with your heart...

Teetering on the edge of spinsterhood, a woman discovers her fiancé has been hiding the truth about his identity… and hers.

With her cousin on honeymoon and her aunt's matchmaking propensities now solely focused on her, Annabelle escapes to the cliffs of Firefly Island for solace. When her scarf is ripped from her neck by a gust of wind, Annabelle descends the dangerous cliff in search of the wayward cloth. Instead, she unearths an iridescent rock, half-buried in the beach below.

Tristan Farr was sent to Firefly Island for one purpose, to determine if Annabelle Scott was the missing daughter of the Draper clan and bring her forward to his time period. He did not anticipate falling for her adventurous spirit. Unable to deny his instant attraction, he enters into negotiations for her hand, ignoring his true mission and putting them both in unimaginable danger.

However, when Annabelle and the mysterious rock are abducted, a sinister plot emerges, one which will destroy the budding relationship. Once Annabelle’s true ancestry is revealed, she is left with a heartbreaking decision: hide in the past or step forward into the future.

Intrigue, fantasy, and passion are infused in this bewitching tale which will lead you on an incredible adventure through time, reminiscent of Jude Deveraux and Diana Gabaldon. Travel back to the beginning in the fourth book of the Firefly Island series. 

Drawn to London by a cryptic postcard, a young woman is entangled into a decades old curse.

Abandoned by her father on Firefly Island following the sudden death of her mother, Molly has endured years of apologies for his continued absence. And this year, just like always, a letter arrives three days before Christmas with yet another excuse, another broken promise; leaving her vulnerable to dangers she never imagined.

After a violent encounter with an olive-eyed woman, Molly discovers a discarded Christmas gift containing a postcard with an address scrawled on the back. Impetuously, she boards a plane for London, and tracks down the house and its mysterious owner, Beckett Davis.

Beckett is concealing a dark secret, one which has been haunting him for over sixty years. Molly’s arrival breaths new hope into his heart, and ultimately causes him to make a sacrifice which changes his destiny and hers. Forever.

But at what cost?

Evoking the brooding, gothic romances of Daphne du Maurier and Emily Bronte, the fifth installment of the Firefly Island series will take you down a darker path toward true love.

Petrified (free)

Juliet learns there are worse things than a week of family drama when her winter paradise transforms into a horrific nightmare. 

Something is hunting her and her parents, waiting in the frozen darkness… watching. Something ancient. Something hungry…


Tormented by horrific nightmares, a woman teetering on the brink of reality must determine if her madness is the result of a traumatic experience or something much more sinister.

Two months after witnessing the gruesome death of her husband, Jenny drifts through each day, a vacant shell. Haunted by memories of Walker, she caves to her sister’s demands, agreeing to check into Briar Glen Mental Health Facility the next morning.

However, someone else has plans for Jenny this Halloween. When a gift from her deceased husband is delivered, the distressing present sets into motion a chilling plan of revenge—one which results in death.

Is this all just an elaborately cruel prank or has Walker returned from the grave to reclaim his bride?


Attached to a violent fiancé, a desperate young woman makes an impulsive decision to conceal a stranger in her barn, altering the course of her life (and death) forever…

Raised in pastoral Romania, innocent Crina knows nothing beyond her father’s farmlands. When she discovers an injured man hiding in their barn, she is captivated by his exotic nature, offering him shelter, despite the warnings of the local townsfolk.

Grateful for her compassion, Thaddeus seduces Crina, revealing his dark secret during their passionate encounter; an insatiable desire for blood. He then vanishes, leaving Crina a sack of coins; enough money to escape from her cruel fiancé. However, when her fiancé discovers her deceit, he brutally attacks her... Thaddeus intervenes too late.

Unwilling to lose the only woman to show him kindness, Thaddeus offers her a unique solution. Now, Crina must decide not only if she can love a monster, but if she can love herself for becoming one.

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Forced to undergoes a violent, barbaric medical treatment, a victimized wife discovers she’s capable of more than she believed… including murder.

Waking lashed to a bed on All Hallows’ Eve, Jillian Nichols learns she’s the newest patient at Briar Glen Mental Health Facility, a sketchy hospital which follows an atypical type of medical treatment. As she struggles to recall the events which abandoned her in the horrific place, Jillian struggles to discern between reality and fantasy.

Subjected to electroshock therapy by her depraved doctor, Jillian’s agonizing treatments reveal the reason behind her involuntary committal and plant the seed of revenge, transforming the shy housewife into a merciless killer.

Someone tried to take Jillian’s life, now they will pay with theirs.

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Grammy Sue’s gonna get you...

When Mindy takes her husband camping for a romantic weekend, they stumble upon a demented old woman determined to murder them both.

Waking in a hospital three months later, Jake’s chilling screams echoing in her ears, Mindy struggles to process the horrendous images of her husband’s final moments. Clinging to life, she reveals a sinister tale of gruesome torture to a disbelieving hospital staff.

As more details pour forth, and the horrific, secret ingredient in Grammy Sue’s Easter Chews is revealed, Mindy unsuspectingly places herself in grave danger, drawing the ire of vengeful chocolatier.