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Deadly Yours Murder Mysteries

Spicy contemporary/paranormal murder mysteries

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Rookie detective Avalisse Ross becomes entangled in a series of murders where the killer’s victims all look just like her.

After catching her fiancé in a compromising position, a heartbroken Ava moves in with her best friend, who drags her to a private dating club boasting an intriguing new world of seduction through the use of virtual reality; all the pleasures of an affair without the brutal consequences.

When the death of a prominent socialite leads Detective Leo Alexander to investigate the same club, he’s shocked to discover Ava and corners her, extracting the truth of her breakup from her reluctant lips. He warns her to stay away from the club.

However, when her ex’s new girlfriend—a mirror image of Ava—shows up strangled, Ava shelves her fury to catch a murderer. Against Leo's wishes, she returns to Virtually Yours as bait. The plan works perfectly, except for one small hitch… How do you defend yourself when you're strapped to a chair?

Propelling the reader into the ultimate 21st-century hookup, this steamy contemporary suspense will have fans of J.D. Robb and Janet Evanovich devouring every page to catch a killer. 

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When the evidence points to a supernatural killer, Detective Avalisse Ross is sucked into a cat-and-mouse game with a murderer who may not be human.


Seeing is believing, and for Ava, the new “vampire” club in town is a gimmick meant to draw in suckers. However, when a body covered in bite marks is discovered, she realizes this crime was perpetrated by a real-life monster.


Several years prior, Detective Leo Alexander refused a job in Mendsville’s Vampire Investigation Unit. However, with the appearance of a second body—murdered in the exact manner as the first—he knows his police department isn’t equipped to deal with this new threat. Reluctantly, he turns to an old friend… Detective Astrid Knox.


Partnered with Astrid, Ava must rely on her instincts to capture a faceless executioner, one whose murderous plot is deeply rooted in the club Eternally Yours. There’s a new killer in town… and this one bites.


Dive deeper into this enthralling paranormal case with the second book in the Deadly Yours Mysteries series, perfect for fans of Heather Graham and Jayne Ann Krentz.


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Forever Yours

A woman's third fiancé dies under mysterious circumstances, but the truth behind his gruesome death is far more sinister.


Suspected of three murders, "Black Widow" Lara Angelov is on a first-name basis with the local police department. However, each time a fiancé dies, Lara has an iron-clad alibi.


After tragedy closed his vampire nightclub, Cassius Broxsby left town intending to never return, but a favor to an old friend dragged him back. Utilizing his unique paranormal talents, Cassius uncovers Lara’s dark secret, one which has imprisoned her for years.


Now, Cassius must figure out how to defeat a new type of killer—one he has never faced—before he becomes the fourth victim.


Obsession takes on a paranormal dimension in this haunting tale of love and murder that will delight fans of Christine Feehan and Johnathan Kellerman.


Click now to rescue Lara from her fate before she becomes Forever Yours!

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