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  • Alyssa Drake

Tales After Midnight - escaping Friday the 13th

TALES AFTER MIDNIGHT: A Halloween Anthology

A compilation of tales brought to you by 14 of your favorite authors. These spooky tales will thrill, chill, and entertain you not only during the Halloween season, but all year long. Delve into Tales After Midnight and don't forget to leave the lights on.

On sale for a LIMITED TIME - only 99 CENTS to pre-order.

I'll Be Seein' You - True love never dies....

Tormented by horrendous nightmares after witnessing the horrific death of her husband, Jenny drifts through each day, a vacant shell. Two months after Walker’s death, an anonymous Halloween gift is delivered, setting into motion a chilling plan of revenge. When a disturbing phone call sends Jenny reeling, she fights to separate fantasy from reality. Is this all just an elaborately cruel prank or has Walker returned from the grave to reclaim his bride?

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