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  • Alyssa Drake

Sneak Peak


From the minds that brought you Virtually Yours and Eternally Yours, a new case has emerged, and this killer is SUPERNATURAL...  

For Better or For Cursed Sneak Peak  

(appearing in Possessed By Passion: A Dark Paranormal Romance Collection)



     A soft tickle brushed over her shoulder, almost as if a feather was being dragged across her skin. Lara moaned, her eyes closed, and swiped at it. The feather jumped, and traced a trail of goosebumps down her arm, caressing the crook of her inner arm before sliding up the side of her breast. 

     Lara sat up with a start, a scream hovered on her throat. Her hand clutched the sheet to her heaving chest as her eyes darted around the room, searching each shadow. She was alone.

     A shiver rolled down her back. Her teeth chattered. It was too early in the morning to deal with this.

     “What do you want Milo?” Her weary question was met with a chuckle.

     “How did you know it was me?” His hypnotic voice swirled around her.

     “The room got colder." Lara tucked the sheet under her armpits and scowled at the empty doorway. She didn't actually know if Milo was standing there, he could be sitting right beside her, but it made her uneasy to think he was so close to her.

     It's morning,” he taunted, her hair ruffled. “You left the window open.”

     Lara's gaze flicked to the window. An invisible breeze pushed the lace curtains toward the bed.

     “That could just be you doing it.”

     He chuckled again, obviously amused by her annoyance.

     “It was.” Milo's outline shimmered beside the window. He flashed her a winning smile. “Did you miss me?”


     “Come on now, is that the way to greet your husband in the morning?” He opened his translucent arms and floated closer.

     “My ex-husband,” Lara growled, grinding her teeth together.

     “You and I both know the divorce was never finalized.” His mouth twisted. “I died first.”

     “That was an accident.” Lara narrowed her eyes as he sat on the bed, his body now a solid form.

     “An accident is one time, love.” He reached out and captured her chin between his fingers, pinching. His eyes glowed black. “How many times did you stab me?”

     "Not enough, apparently."

Experience the passion.  

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