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July 28, 2016 - Review updates

I had no intention of writing two days in a row, but I was so excited I wanted to share the good reviews with everyone.  This morning I received notification that two reviews of A Perfect Plan had been posted.  YAY!!!  I love receiving reviews; it helps me grow as a writer and discover what ideas are received well and some - not so much.

A great big thank you to both Angeli and J.L. for their reviews.  I appriciate your time and honesty.





4.5 out of 5 stars

"This book is a must read, even for someone who doesn't particularly read romance novels. If you enjoy a good read with some mystery, read this one. It is a light read, but very exciting throughout the entire book, nothing too taxing on the brain, which I appreciate as I work so much lately. I read for enjoyment, not to stress myself more! Although after reading the epilogue, now I am slightly stressed waiting on book 2! Best epilogue ever!"

See more of the review at The Romance Reviews -

J.L. Leslie Loves Books by J.L. Leslie

5 out of 5 stars

"Reading this book made me realize just how much I used to love historical romances...Amanda Quick, Johanna Lindsey, Lisa Kleypas...I absolutely loved this book! Alyssa Drake did such a wonderful job weaving in an exciting mystery and love story with A Perfect Plan."

See more of the review at J.L. Leslie Loves Books -

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