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  • Alyssa Drake

Discover the cost of true love

A victim of obligation discovers the cost of true love:

one soul.

POSSESSED (Paranormal Tales from Firefly Island)


Gabrielle wastes her days slogging away behind a desk, fending off the unwanted advances of her manager, and her nights spoon-feeding memories to her mother, a new resident of an assisted-living facility specializing in dementia. The only high-point in her life is Luciano, the striking grandson of another patient, who suffers the same fate as she. When his grandmother dies, Luciano gives Gabrielle a farewell gift: an antique music box. But the music box hides an evil curse–one which demands a unique sacrifice. Once the truth is revealed, Gabrielle must decide what–and who–she is willing to sacrifice for love.


Fans of Christine Feehan and Nora Roberts will be captivated by the third book in this haunting paranormal series.

Click now and fall in love on Firefly Island!


On sale for a limited time - just 99 cents through the end of December.

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