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  • Alyssa Drake

Day 82 - They call this work?

I find it amusing that reading romance novels counts as work research, but it does. When given the choice, I'll take paperback over screen (which I'm certain sparks some kind of debate). I admit, I was reluctant to move to screen, and though I do like being able to carry more than two books around, I miss the feel of a book, or more so, the pages beneath my fingertips. It evokes memories of hiding beneath blankets with flashlights, and rainy afternoons curled up on a windowseat.

When asked what my favorite genre is, I usually give the answer romance. Yes, that is broad, but there are so many subgenres and beautiful mixes of tropes in romance that I can't pick just one (I don't even write just one). So, my bookshelves are an eclectic collection of authors and series, some from my youth, and others that I discovered along the way. If I'd read the book again (or already have) it earns a spot on a shelf. Those I'd prefer not to experience a second time are donated to the library so others may discover a new favorite author.

Unless the book is autographed, then it never leaves the shelf. And this collective habit comes from my dear mother, who wrote to Richard Scarry and asked for his autograph when I was just a baby.

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