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Day 80 - Falling down

I do not have time to be sick. (I do have time to take care of my family as they fall one by one to the illness that sent my little man home from school.) However, after playing nurse, it appears to be my turn for a bit of rest (okay a lot of rest).

I pushed myself through today, knowing that obligations needed to be met (which is probably the true reason I got sick, since I have a tendency to go until I drop). 5pm found me in pajamas, laying on the couch and thinking I'll just close my eyes for a moment...

That moment turned into the next morning, and honestly, I can't remember how I made it to bed. However, now I can't get out of bed, so I'm just going to lay here and stare at the cat (seems fitting, he stares at me all the time). First non-productive day since I started this blog, and unfortunately, it won't be my last.

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