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Day 78 - You're never too old to Trick or Treat!

With all the doors active (but hidden) on my website, I began scheduling the posts to appear every hour. The fun part was going through each one to make sure they worked. To be honest, I'm disappointed I don't get to participate in the event (although I did grab the freebie from Door Five - thank you Tiff). I hope everyone has a wonderful time.


This is that moment of anticipation (like Christmas morning) that I love so very much. I'm great at keeping secret what gifts I buy (no one else in my family can), and I'm sorry I can't trick or treat with all of you.


However, if you loved the event, please let me know. It may make it on the schedule for next year.


A side note. My kid goes back to school tomorrow, so hopefully I'll be a bit more product on Wednesday. He's been home with me for the past few days with a cough and a runny nose. It's not "the virus", but it was enough to make the school send him home until he received the "all clear" from the doctor (which he did).

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