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  • Alyssa Drake

Day 77 - You should be writing

I know I'm running out of time to get the Halloween event up, so tonight my goal is to complete every webpage for the Trick or Treat. With the first template finished, it should be a simple matter of creating a new page, copying the previous format over, then editing it to match that particular door's theme. Notice, I said "should be".


My son is sitting next to me counting candy corn for the "guess how many pieces" giveaway. I'm certain a few of them didn't make it into the jar, but that's okay, because he deserves a treat for offering to count them all.


The door I'm curious to see will be the "Tell our own Ghost Story". I intend to collect all the pieces and post up the story (or paragraph) once we've passed Halloween.


While I do love doing this, I must admit, these administrative activities do take away from the time I should be writing. I'm on a deadline (actually more than one), and that little nagging voice is getting louder the closer we get to November.

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