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  • Alyssa Drake

Day 7 - Mission completed

Chapter 28 is done and its way. There's only two more chapters remaining in the first book of my historical co-write. I've left my heroine facing certain doom, but I won't leave her there (I swear). I promise a happy ending, or in this case, reunited with the one she loves (this is a romance after all), but its a trilogy, so don't expect the journey to be easy for her.


The end of a chapter is always my favorite stage in writing. There's a dual feeling of completion and anticipation that accompanies the last sentence on the page, which is in this case was...


"We burn."


Don't you want to know more? I do, and I'm writing the story. But, I must stop and switch projects because the next most important item on my To-Do list is the first chapter of the historical romance going into the 2022 boxed set. That means tonight is one of the most difficult writing nights: the opening line.

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