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Day 67 - Pre-editing (is that a word)

Remember what I said about editing before sending anything to the editor? Yes? Good, because that's what I'm doing tonight (still better than formatting, but not by much).

I put The 10th Kingdom film on while I was booting up my laptop (the movie is a little over six hours I believe, however, I only plan to work through the first part). I don't mind a bit of background noise while revising (writing on the other hand is a different story), but in this case, campy, twisted fairytale romance sounded perfect.

Since it's Friday night, I can work later than I normally would, and I completed the edits (on episode 2). I'll reach out to my editor tomorrow and send her the file. However, while I'm waiting for the return of Departed, I'm going to do a revision of my other free story, An Imperfect Bargain (historical romance). This does happen to be on my list of stuff, and though it's not as high as some of the other things, I do need to get back into that world, and this seems like a two birds, one stone kind of moment.

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