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  • Alyssa Drake

Day 66 - Connecting it all

The final bridge section between Devoured and Petrified was written almost as if it was the end of the story, despite having the final tale follow it. I wanted the reader to say good-bye to Myra (don't worry, I didn't kill her) and her new family, before ending with Petrified.

I had two directions to go with this relationship, either sisterhood or motherhood, and since Myra has been denied happiness for a good portion of her young life, it seemed only fair to give her three mothers (I would have asked Julie if she wanted to adopt Myra as well, but it's impossible, given her current state).

However, it's time to say good-bye to the island, because I have other projects waiting. I hope to return soon, but after tomorrow's final edit, I cannot say when that will be.

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