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  • Alyssa Drake

Day 60 - What did I just read?

The bridge section between Afflicted and Electrified ended up to be roughly 650 words. I wasn't quite certain how to introduce the story that hovers between reality and fantasy, so I opted for Jill revealing that her treatment had been painful, without disclosing the full ramifications of that statement to young Myra.

My favorite review of Electrified had the phrase "What did I just read" in it, which you'd think I wouldn't like, but it encompassed the feeling I was going for. By the end of Electrified, the reader should question which parts were reality, and which were imaginary.

Mission accomplished.

But, the most important truth revealed in Electrified, is that Dr. Jack is just as deranged as his patients (perhaps more so), which shouldn't surprise anyone. What should cause worry, is how this man is allowed to continue his experiments without notice, because, even on Firefly Island, murder is frowned upon.

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