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Day 59 - I brake for blurbs

My historical co-write went off to the editing team today, and periodically I see a comment pop up on the document, but I haven't read any of them yet. The idea of a three-round edit makes me nauseated, because the only thought roaming around in my brain is "what if they hate it".

Since I was focused on this series, I took advantage of my obsession and wrote the blurb for book two. I already have all three story concepts for the series written, and the next step after this will be to write the outline (although that endeavor will take much longer). For now, I could commit to writing the preliminary blurb without investing too much of my attention. I'm holding out for when I go through edits again, then I can launch into the outline, and start working on book two.

Tomorrow, it's back to Firefly Island. The next story is Jill's, and it had one of my favorite reviews.

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