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Day 53 - Faster than a speeding turtle

When I set out to turn the short story Carved into a full chapter, I didn't realize how quickly that would occur. It took me two days to add roughly 1,400 words, which means that my speed is picking up (or, because I'm working in a world set during current times, I'm not restricted by what the characters have been exposed to or what they are allowed to say - yes, historical does take more time because of the research involved).

However, whatever the reason, I found myself ending this chapter with the phrase "You only killed one beastly aunt..." Which was meant to comfort Myra, but at the same time, leaves the reader with an unsettled feeling as they launch into Scorched (the first tale of the collection).

As I'm looking over the stories I'm going to revise, I remembered that two of them are in 1st person POV. I am not a fan of 1st person POV, most of my stories are in 3rd, however for the purposes of these two tales, the sets requested them to be in 1st person. And now I have a choice, do I convert these stories over to 3rd person, or leave them as 1st and have a blend of voices?

Decisions, decisions...

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