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Day 52 - Reordering

My paranormal horror fun starts with Carved, which was a campfire tale that was 850 words. I'm going to take this short story and turn it into an introductory chapter. Afterwhich, in between scary stories, I'll add interactions with the characters to introduce each one.

First, I need to get the order of the stories down, and because I've already planned how I want this to be, I changed my mind and reordered it.

I was originally going to kick off the collection with Reflected, but because I'm using Myra (the main character from Carved) as my protagonist, I can't introduce her to Megan this soon into her experience at Briar Glen (note, just because I said Megan, this doesn't mean she actually survived her story, ghosts are prevalent on Firefly Island), therefore I started with Scorched, and moved everything around.

Because I'm connecting stand-alone stories in a shared world, consistency becomes a major issue, so I'm double checking descriptions of places and people as I'm writing this first chapter (this is something that will need to carry through the edits as well as the new pieces).

I added 750 words to the first chapter, by just fleshing out what I had previously written, and adding description. I'll finish the tie-in tomorrow, with another 500 words or so to make this a complete (albeit short) chapter.

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