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Day 51 - Imaginary conversations

You would think, on my next pass through Departed, that I wouldn't question my twist, but I did (insert screaming here).

---below is a summation of my internal debate (because speaking these thoughts aloud somehow makes me crazy)---

Imagine if they did this whole scene as ghosts who didn't know they were ghosts...

Shut up brain.

But, it'd be a second twist.

So, put it in just to have another twist?

Yes. Change all of chapter one, and-

Shut up brain.

(whispering) You love the idea.

(sigh) I do.

---Here's how I decided. I started at the beginning of the story and read through what I'd written. When I reached the end, I realized the mood of the story shifted with the inclusion of that twist.

Which mood did I choose to leave the reader with? You must wait to find out, I already sent it to the editor.

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