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Day 49 - Firefly Island

The first romance I read was a Harlequinn historical that one of my friends lent me; I was hooked. However, I'm not a one-genre kind of girl, and after months of sneaking historical romance novels into my house (because my dear mom didn't consider "bodice rippers" age appropriate), I was introduced to Anne Rice and Christine Feehan.

I was already a fan of paranormal and horror stories, but discovering that romance could be combined with it... Mind blown.

So, it was no surprise that the second world I created after Wiltshire was Firefly Island. This series has stand-alone stories that share/mention characters from the other books.

I've got three things planned.

1) Edit Departed, which will be offered for free as a Halloween treat.

2) Plot and write Reflected, which I plan to include in my collection of paranormal horror stories (the dark side of Firefly Island), if I don't run out of time.

3) Edit and connect the stories for the collection by completing the Carved story.

So, what did I choose to do tonight? I plotted Reflected, which is the story that features the winner of the Summer Romance Reading program.

Megan, you've been a bad girl... I'm not sure if you're going to survive this adventure.

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