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Day 46 - Limiting my playtime


Dates on the calendar are closer than they appear and tonight starts the Fall for Romance hop that runs through this weekend celebrating the release of For Better or For Cursed, which is my newest paranormal romance co-write with Bella Emy.

This is the third book we've written together, and I love that it's coming out at the beginning of the spooky season. If you love ghosts, vampires, steamy romance, and a twist (because I love to add a twist), then you must check out this fantastic book (plus, I really love working with Bella, she's a delight).

But, I can't spend all night playing on Facebook. In fact I set the Facebook alarm to go off after I've been on the app for 55 minutes. It's not quite the same thing as being smacked in the head while your best friend yells "You should be writing!", but it's less painful. On that note, I completed another 500 words and I'm now halfway through the final chapter. I have big plans for this weekend and finishing this book is top of the list.

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