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Day 40 - For the love of Daphne

Distraction is not a good thing right now, and the fact that I'm plotting the remainder of An Imperfect Scoundrel while reading A Perfect Deception is irritating. Alana's story isn't next, there are five other projects which need my attention before she can receive it, and yes, I realize she has been patiently waiting, however, Thomas had to wait much longer for his story, and since she broke his heart (albeit with reason), she's going to have to suck it up.

Too quick I found myself done with the revisions, and as I was reading the last line, which hints at future stories, I found myself wanting to read it again. My mother never got to read this story, since she passed away prior to publication. I think she would have loved it as well, she probably would have seen a bit of herself in Daphne.

Tomorrow I'll get the formatting and uploading completed for A Perfect Deception. I'm going to put this book on sale too. This will be the first time the full trilogy has been available at a discount.

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