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  • Alyssa Drake

Day 4 - Halfway

When my publisher asked for backmatter for the upcoming release of For Better or For Cursed, I used the opportunity to update my bio... and then had to transfer the changes to all my online bios... and then had to add Update Backmatter as an admin task because now I have to update all my published books too.

Yup. Created more work for myself.

On the plus side, I'm halfway through chapter 28 of the historical co-write, but I had to stop last night because I hit a small snag. For the next part to happen, I need to work around a magical rule I've got in place (the joys of loose plotting-I actually do enjoy this part of writing). This means I'll spend the day twisting things in my mind until I can find a solution, or in layman's terms... 

Have a beautiful Saturday!

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