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Day 37 - Does no one see it?

Leaving off in the middle of a book you're enjoying is just downright cruel, especially when the reason you can't stay up reading all night is because you have to adult (which in my case involves responsibilities to the day job).

I left off last night in the middle of the get-to-know you scenes, which is a strange way of describing the six scenes that occur all from Samantha's POV. Their purpose is to give insight into the other characters, since this is a mystery as well as a romance. I ran across a clue I left, which I felt was a glaring sign as to the identity of the accomplice, but no one has ever called me out on it, so I'm leaving it in.

I struggle with this story every time I read it, because I don't want it to suffer from the middle child syndrome. An Imperfect Engagement has some of my favorite scenes from the Wiltshire series, but somehow, I still feel as if it just doesn't get enough love. So, let's hear it for the second book of the series, a story in it's own right!

Tomorrow, I must format.

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