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  • Alyssa Drake

Day 36 - A Homecoming of sorts

I originally intended to write a duet when I started An Imperfect Engagement, but the requests for Thomas to receive his own story caused me to rethink that plan. For this reason, An Imperfect Engagement has a duel role of both completing the love story for Samantha and Benjamin, and setting the stage for Thomas' romance, all while carrying the murder mystery element.

This book actually holds the original scene that started the whole series, which is intriguing, since it doesn't actually appear until book two, however, it does fall within the first half (chapter 6 if you're curious).

As I'm reading through the first half of the story, and the image of fluttering ash flurries is refreshed in my mind, I recall writing this scene on the train, my mind creeping down the darkened hallway with Benjamin, his breath caught in his throat as he waits to discover the fate of his true love. I'm sorry I waited so long to return.

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