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Day 35 - Rinse and repeat

I am not a Mac person. I tried. I'm happy with my PC, but formatting books without a Mac is complicated, and I'm not a fan of complicated. For this reason, a few years ago, I asked Santa for a Mac (yes, I was a good girl), and installed Vellum, a book formatting program. I do like the sound of the Mac keyboard though... Clack...clack...clack. I would love it if my laptop made the same sound (I'm not sure why that sound makes me feel more productive).

However, because I don't use either frequently, formatting takes me longer than other people. But, I do love the look of the program, and that it creates files for all platforms including print.

Check list for the end of night:

- A Perfect Plan formatted

- loaded on all platforms

- sale price activated

Now to repeat the process with An Imperfect Engagement.

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