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Day 30 - Serving two masters

At six o'clock Wednesday night my brain reminded me that I was supposed to complete my administrative boxed set tasks today, and now we've hit the problem of serving two masters, since I am obligated to both my set mates and my co-writer.

I suppose if I had a different type of personality, owing work to someone else wouldn't be a stress-inducing issue, but for me, it is (the same way that owing money bothers me). So, somehow I have to figure out how to do both things at the same time.

Recently, I've learned that double-duty is actually less productive for me. Remembering this, I focused on one task at a time, first completing my boxed set duties, then working on chapter 29, and although I really wanted to finish the chapter tonight, with the additional work, I have resigned myself to completing my 500 words. The conclusion of the chapter will have to wait until tomorrow... at least my heroine isn't in imminent danger right now.

The next set of edits for the historical co-write will have to wait until Friday night.

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