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Day 3 - Technical difficulties

Today's stress level has been brought to you by technical difficulties...

Now, if you're paranoid, you back up onto a cloud. I am. I did. So, the first thing I did is verify I could see all my projects on my Mac (we share a love/hate relationship with each other). If worse comes to worse, I could write on the (shudder) Mac.

Deep breath. Waiting... Waiting...

My first computer was an Apple 2e...Waiting...

The Screensaver appeared (fist pump), and I unlocked the laptop. Everything looked okay, but when I checked the notifications there was a request for updates and a reboot.

I am not going to panic. I'm going to calmly reboot my laptop, and patiently wait (I am so panicking).

Then, like magic, everything went back to normal, except for the part about losing five hours. While I was down and out, edits and notes came back on two chapters of the historical co-write. Those took priority (and the rest of my day).

And at 10pm, as I stared at the 80 words I'd forced out while making dinner, I debated putting it away. But, I'm a reader, and talking myself into "just thirty more minutes" was fairly easy. 

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