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Day 29 - An upcoming crossroad

In two days, I'm receiving back the next ten edited chapters of my historical co-write. If I stick with this current pace, then I'll have to wait until Friday to read her notes. Of course, this could be a good thing, since that moment before opening an edited document carries a bit of stress.

Once edits are completed on chapters 11-20, I'm at a crossroads as to what to do next. Ideally, I'd like to simultaneously begin the final chapter on the co-write and read through the returned edits on A Perfect Plan which having been patiently waiting for my attention. However, neither of those activities are currently at the top of my list. 500 words is.

So, I pushed all those worries aside and focused on tonight's goal, which I reached. I even gave my poor heroine a way to escape... But she's going to have endure a bit of pain, because the path to true love is never smooth.

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