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  • Alyssa Drake

Day 24 - Goosebumps

Thursday morning I received notification that revisions had been completed on the first ten chapters of the historical co-write, so instead of writing new words, I read through those chapters again. After completing chapter one, I sent my co-writer a message.

Now, I cannot tell you what I actually said, because I'm not revealing any secrets, but I will say the word "goosebumps" was used (good sign). I read all ten chapters in one sitting (also a good sign), and was disappointed when I had to stop (extremely good sign). Seriously, how many times does an author actually admit they want to read through edits?

However, it's about time to rescue my heroine from that blasted pole and ensuing inferno, I only hope she forgives me when she discovers I'm not quite done with her yet...

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