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  • Alyssa Drake

Day 20 - A small inconsistency

The most peaceful time in my household is after 11pm. Everyone has gone to bed, including the dog, and the only sounds I can hear are the fan (white noise) and the waves (sound machine to trick my brain into believing I'm at the beach). It also happens to be the most productive time because there are very few distractions.

After tucking everyone into bed, I fired up my laptop to complete a few more chapters of the historical co-write realignment edit, and found a consistency error. This is exactly what I'm searching for, and, although it was a minor discrepancy in location, I'm happy to catch it prior to finishing the story. Correcting the discrepancy took more time than I anticipated, since I had to scroll backward to edit previous chapters. I ended up leaving myself with the last quarter of the story to complete Monday.

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