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Day 19 - Who hit the shuffle button?

I kicked off the weekend with a bit of good news, and a bit of added pressure to the speed of my plan. The Most Important Activity list is meant to keep me on track, but with this new opportunity, I need to reshuffle the order to hit a mid-September deadline. There are a lot of steps which need to be completed by then, and I don't want to rush, so I'm debating whether to wait on redesigning my Wiltshire covers until next year. This keeps percolating in my brain as I'm working on the realignment edit for my historical co-write, and it is pulling my focus.

After reading four chapters, the mental noise became too distracting, and I switched to my admin side to randomly select the reader whose name will be one of the characters in my next Paranormal Tales from Firefly Island release (which I'll announce in Thursday's newsletter).

Tomorrow is my husband's birthday, and I may not be able to sneak any edits in (it's much easier to write on my phone than to edit), but I do get to have birthday cake and that's almost as good as getting to write.

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