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Day 13 - The end of a Chapter

Every single day I've logged into my computer for the past week, the image on the background is a lighthouse. I'm not certain if it was just random luck, or something more, but it felt like a sign that I was working on the right project.

However, with the completion of chapter one, I struggled not to begin chapter two. As this story is in alternating POV's, I would be jumping into Sarah's mind, and because I know what's coming next, I physically had to close my laptop and walk away.

Sticking to the LIST!

The next task is a full edit of the first twenty-eight chapters of my historical co-write, then I'll write the last two chapters and finish the first book in this trilogy. I hate being so secretive about this project, but it will be worth the wait, I promise. And the covers... OMG! Gives me shivers.

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