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Day 11 - Friday Night fun

When beginning a story, I start the outline with the two main characters, then pull in minor characters as the plot is fleshed out, which has occurred with this current project. In the case of chapter one, it's impossible for Patrick to run the lighthouse by himself, he needs two co-workers minimum, which means, I'm adding two characters. Where do I them?

I have two options. First, I can invent new people, as I did with the innkeeper and his wife, or I could use previously mentioned characters...

With six completed stories, the Wiltshire Chronicles is my largest interlocking world (which, incidentally was also written out of order - this will be corrected to chronological order when the new covers are issued). Many of the minor characters appear on several books, they don't always get their own story, but this was the perfect opportunity to highlight one of them.

In "An Imperfect Introduction", which is releasing in "The Rogue Who Stole Christmas" boxed set, Wilhelmina's intended fiancé is Oliver Parrish (she ends up married to Edward Hastings). So what happened to Oliver? He popped up here, as a lighthouse keeper, but I'll get into his journey later because his story is now woven into this one. I won't tell you much about the other man, except his name isn't really Mr. King.

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