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  • Alyssa Drake

A Bite of Pleasure and Pain...

~Excerpt from ETERNALLY YOURS available now for only 99C~

“Detective, what a wonderful surprise to see you again, and so early in the morning. To what do we owe this pleasure?” Maurice’s oily voice slipped around Leo, greeting him as he stepped into the Wiltshire Tower’s pristine lobby.


 “You know damn well, why I’m here, Mr. Franklin.” Leo’s growl reverberated off the muted walls. 


Maurice held up a finger. “Language, Detective. We don’t like to disturb our residents with trivial problems.” 


“Such as death and mutilation.” 


Maurice’s eyes flashed dark. “Yes, those two subjects would be off-limits.” 


“I’ll need those tapes, Mr. Franklin.” Leo called over his shoulder as he walked past the concierge desk toward the elevator. This was becoming a familiar dance. 


“Just as soon as you provide me with the warrant, Detective, I’ll give you everything you need,” said Maurice, taunting. 


Sawyer twisted, his arm snapped out, and his hand closed around Maurice’s tie, yanking him over the desk. “We are here to solve a murder,” Sawyer hissed, his voice dropping to a whisper. “This is the third person to have been killed in your establishment this year, perhaps you ought to be tending your sheep a bit more closely instead of antagonizing the people who keep returning to clean up your mess.” 


“Release him.” The soft command caused Sawyer to glance up over at Leo. Leo nodded, his hard gaze locked on Sawyer. Relaxing his hand, Sawyer let Maurice scramble back across the desk. 


Straightening his tie and jacket, Maurice slicked his hair into place. With a sniff, he shot a scowl at Sawyer. “You should keep your dog on a leash, Detective.” 


“He’s a big boy, Mr. Franklin,” replied Leo, his voice cold. “I can’t always control him.” 

“I’d hate for some type of harm to befall such a beloved pet.” 


“Is that a threat?” Leaning forward, Sawyer cracked his knuckles. Maurice flinched, but recovered quickly, his mask of indifference sliding into place. 


“Please let me know if I can do anything to assist the police department with this delicate matter.” 


Leo leaned across the desk, his finger in Maurice’s face. “Stay out of my crime scene, Mr. Franklin. I will have a police officer on duty until my investigation is complete and if I find that you tampered with evidence, I will have you arrested.” 


“That all hinges upon the word if, doesn’t it?”


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