Virtually Yours

Welcome to Virtually Yours. Are you ready to unleash your wildest fantasies?

When Detective Ava Ross catches her fiancé in a compromising position, she decides it is time to take out the trash. Newly single and heartbroken, Ava’s best friend drags her to a private club, promising an intriguing new world of seduction; virtual reality. However, neither woman has any idea of the danger they have stepped into.

The discovery of a murdered socialite leads Detective Leo Alexander to the new club outside of town. The resemblances between this case and a previous one has him convinced a serial killer is responsible for the deaths of both women. However, Leo is worried, the killer has a favorite type, and they all look just like Ava.

Against Leo’s wishes, Ava volunteers to return to Virtually Yours to draw out the killer. Their plan works perfectly, except for one small hitch… how do you defend yourself when you are strapped to a chair?

A steamy, contemporary suspense novel that will propel you into the ultimate 21st century hook up. All the exciting pleasures and passions of an affair, without any of the brutal consequences.

Eternally Yours

A bite of pleasure and pain

After much discussion, Bella Emy and I decided to write a second book to accompany Virtually Yours. What began as friendly banter developed into a concept for a five book series.

The second book in this series will take on a more paranormal feel, as Ava and Leo delve deeper into the nightlife of their beloved city, drawn in by a new trail of bodies. Sparks will fly in this sizzling sequel to Virtually Yours.

Check back for more updates!