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A Perfect Plan (Wiltshire Chronicles #1)

Miss Hastings' brother appointed a notorious rake to be her guardian, but she's not about to make the task an easy one!


Nothing surpasses the tales of Lord Westwood's wicked reputation, except, perhaps, the truth, which is even worse than the rumors. Now, he controls her future, and Samantha Hastings is certain he’s not concerned with bettering her situation—considering the last time she saw him, she stabbed him.


Benjamin’s intention to marry Samantha off to the first available suitor is thwarted after he falls for his headstrong charge. However, when Samantha discovers her brother’s accidental death was engineered, she flees Benjamin’s protection, exposing herself to a killer intent on revenge.


As secrets from the past surface, revealing a desperate man’s plan, Samantha is marked as the next victim, and Benjamin is running out of time to rescue her from her brother’s grim fate.


If you enjoy the mystery and intrigue of Amanda Quick and Lisa Kleypas, dive into this epic three-part spellbinding series filled with history, romance, and suspense.


Click now to chase a killer through the Victorian ballrooms of A Perfect Plan!


*Author's note - Dear readers, this story is part one of a trilogy, with a happily ever after in book 2 and a surprising conclusion in book 3.

*As an Amazon Associate, an Apple Associate, and a Google Play Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

I cannot wait for book two!! This needs to be a TV series or something! Dark, sexy, mystery, romance. Oh Lordy, Ms. Drake can write some books!

The Romance Reviews - Angeli, intriguing, beautifully written, engrossing and most of all I couldn't put it down.

Reading Is Our Satisfaction - Ria

Prepare for an adventurous mystery! I LOVED this book!

Amazon Reviewer

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