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Alyssa Drake Novels

Steamy Romance with a Twist

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Shelter of Innocence

An unexpected package, a midnight break-in, and a mysterious flash drive… Hannah is only certain of one thing, she's in grave danger.

Guided by an illegible address, Hannah flees in the dead of the night, seeking answers from the one man her deceased brother trusted… his captain. 

Captain Merrick Harris wants nothing more than to drink himself through his enforced retirement. When he finds Hannah occupying his favorite pub stool, a verbal battle ensues, igniting a passion neither of them expected.

But, someone followed Hannah, and when the killer infiltrates the pub, Merrick makes a heartbreaking decision, leaving Hannah at the mercy of a man with nothing to lose.

The Rogue Who Stole Christmas

Featuring An Imperfect Introduction

It has long been assumed a rogue does not have a heart... They seduce, snare, and steal a lady’s love with no reason other than it’s there for the taking. The Christmastide season is no different, and in these 6 all new stories, a rogue will do what they do best: lead a lady down a path of temptation they’re unable to resist, and at the end, perhaps the rogues will discover they do indeed have a heart, and the ability to love in return...

Stealing hearts November 16th!

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