Hello new readers, welcome to Alyssa Drake Novels.  If you are not familiar with my work, please keep in mind that I write both steamy and "clean" stories; some also contain mild to moderate violence. Any tale where the bedroom door plays no part in the story has been marked as "clean". I invite you to pick up a book and lose yourself...

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Releasing October 24th

An island of secrets, a lifetime of agony, one epic homecoming.

At eighteen, undeveloped witch, Remy Vasile abandoned her island home without a backward glance. Five years later, circumstances outside of Remy’s control have pulled her back to Firefly Island, dredging up dormant painful memories and throwing her into a perilous new world.

Sebastian Ayres enjoyed a life of pleasurable pursuits. However, his blasé attitude evaporated the moment Remy’s hand brushed his. Irresistibly drawn to his mate, Sebastian must undertake the daunting task of persuading Remy that he is not just any man, he is the only man, for her.

Unbeknownst to either, dark secrets, hidden since Remy’s birth, are about to be uncovered and Remy will be confronted with a life-altering decision. With the help of her sister and some unexpected allies, Remy must decide if she will fight and risk her heart or continue running from her destiny.

What would you risk for love?


A Historical Romance Collection

Featuring Annabelle

Resigned to a summer of ennui, Miss Annabelle Scott wanders the cliffs of her youth seeking adventure. When her latest escapade results in a fall from the cliff face, Annabelle returns to her family’s inn bruised, drenched, and concealing a mysterious rock she discovered buried in the sand.

Discovering the unusual rock is a mythical egg, Annabelle endeavors to hide her secret from a new guest at the inn, the enigmatic Mr. Tristan Farr. Who, despite Annabelle’s mistrust, ignites an instant attraction.

However, when the egg vanishes, Annabelle is forced to turn to Mr. Farr for assistance, only to learn he is hiding secrets of his own.

What Lies Beyond the Shadows

Releasing October 4th - featuring The Wendigo

What lurks beyond the darkness?
What frightens you the most?"
What Lies Beyond the Shadows will dive into the deepest depths of your mind and bring out your most demonic nightmares.

A 2018 Halloween Anthology guaranteed to scare the living daylights out of you!

featuring Message in a Bottle

17 Amazing Authors have come together to bring you these scorching tales of summer romance. Time to heat up your e-readers, dust off your sandals, and fall in love. Curl up in the sun or relax in the shade and let us bring the warmth of summer to you.

Caution: Stories not responsible for melted Ice cream, warm drinks, or burnt fingertips.