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Forever Yours

(Deadly Yours Murder Mysteries, #3)

Haunting your dreams
April 24, 2024

A woman's third fiancé dies under mysterious circumstances, but the truth behind his gruesome death is far more sinister.


Suspected of three murders, "Black Widow" Lara Angelov is on a first-name basis with the local police department. However, each time a fiancé dies, Lara has an iron-clad alibi.


After tragedy closed his vampire nightclub, Cassius Broxsby left town intending to never return, but a favor to an old friend dragged him back. Utilizing his unique paranormal talents, Cassius uncovers Lara’s dark secret, one which has imprisoned her for years.


Now, Cassius must figure out how to defeat a new type of killer—one he has never faced—before he becomes the fourth victim.


Obsession takes on a paranormal dimension in this haunting tale of love and murder that will delight fans of Christine Feehan and Johnathan Kellerman.


Click now to rescue Lara from her fate before she becomes Forever Yours!

November 5th, 2024

Never back a wallflower into a corner.


Shunted aside, Eveline watched her younger sisters find love and marry. Disheartened by her situation, she relocates, inventing a new persona and snagging the attention of Levi Overton, Duke of Lennox, whose amorous pursuit leaves her head spinning. However, Eveline's past followed her to Wiltshire…and it wants revenge.


With the truth of her identity hovering on the tongue of a woman who lost three suitors to Eveline's sisters, Eveline struggles to maintain her silence while the lady unleashes a barrage of rumors designed to destroy Eveline's reputation.


Faced with revealing her past or fading into the shadows as a permanent spinster, Eveline must determine if she's courageous enough to allow Levi to love her true self. That is, if he forgives her for lying…


Blending the delightful romance of Julia Quinn with the humorous repartee of Lisa Kleypas into a fun, fast-paced romp of mistaken identity and purposeful deceit.


Order now to discover how vengeful one woman can be, when someone forgets to Never Besmirch a Wallflower!


Never Besmirch a Wallflower: Dukes & Wallflowers, #2

(Revenge of the Wallflowers)

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