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Hello new readers, welcome to Alyssa Drake Novels.  If you are not familiar with my work, please keep in mind that I write both steamy and "clean" stories; some also contain mild to moderate violence. Any tale where the bedroom door plays no part in the story has been marked as "clean". I invite you to pick up a book and lose yourself...

~ Jill ~


Cupid better take his arrow and stick it up his... well, use your imagination...

Valentine's Day... time for love, romance, flowers, candy, and all the lovey-dovey, mushy, sappy love stories, right?

16 well-known authors bring you anything and everything besides the sweet typical heartwarming stories:
Bella Emy, YM Zachery, J.B. Joseph, Shaan Ranae, Jeremy Simons, Alyssa Drake, Sarah Stein, Veronique Poirier, S.J. Hermann, Chandra Trulove Fry, Deliaria Davis, J.L. Leslie, Niki Liv, Yolonda Sweitzer, Lilly Rayman, & Leslie Nicci Bays.

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Pirates: A Boys Behaving Badly Anthology

Releasing February 27, 2018

Do you love pirates? This Boys Behaving Badly set features sci-fi, steampunk, historical and contemporary stories in this mix. A variety to keep things lively!

~ A Lady's Bargain ~

A pirate captain gets more than he bargained for when he agrees to a beautiful hostage's proposition to make her a ruined woman.

LOVE ME HARD A Limited Edition Collection of Sexy Reads

~ Hearts for Sale ~


Romance Collections is proud to present these fifteen sexy and scintillating stories of passion, lust and desire. With each pulsating chapter, you will be pulled into these stories that will seduce you with every flip of the page.

So, do not hold back. Do not set your eReader down.

It’s time to curl up and get lost as you read these tales of loving oh so hard.

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Releasing February 19, 2018

A victim of obligation, Gabrielle spends her days slogging away in a dead-end job, fending off the unwanted advances of her manager. At night, she spoon-feeds memories to her mother, a resident at an assisted-living facility, which specializes in dementia.

The only high-point in her life is Luciano, the grandson of another patient. When his grandmother passes away, Luciano bequeaths Gabrielle an antique music box, which plays a hauntingly familiar tune, her mother’s favorite song.

However, the music box hides a dark secret, one which could rip apart the budding relationship. Once the truth is revealed, Gabrielle must decide what she is willing to sacrifice for love.