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  • Alyssa Drake

Day 75 - Take two

Halloween event take two.


I completed one door today, the first one, which happens to be a trick (hee hee). This one took the longest, because I played with the formatting more than I should have, but since it's the first time doing this event, I wanted it to be easy to copy in case I do it again next year (which depends solely upon the response I get). However, door one was finished, and I realized I would need 12 more door images to set this up.


The rabbit hole of searching for images is quite deep and you can spend hours sorting through pictures. I tried to focus on just doors, but I also needed tricks too, and I found myself hunting through scary pictures with my son (which he thought was a fantastic Halloween game). We've also turned on Halloween movies in the background to keep us in the mood (and we're singing along with Pumpkin Jack).


With roughly twenty images downloaded, I logged off for the night, ready to set up the rest of the doors tomorrow. I hope it goes a bit faster than today's door, otherwise, it'll be Thanksgiving before I finish.

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