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Day 69 - Tying it all together

When I wrote An Imperfect Bargain, I hadn't planned to tie it back into the series, and was originally going to use it as an introduction into the Wiltshire world. However, when I wrote the first half of A Perfect Scoundrel (Alana's pirate adventure, which is due out in 2022), I connected the two stories by having the first mate, Mr. Shaw, become the hero of the second book (I also used the same ship and several of the same crew members in both stories).

Although I'm discussing future planning now, the completion of the back half of A Perfect Scoundrel will show the return of the main characters from An Imperfect Bargain (confirming their happily ever after), as well as connect this story to A Perfect Recluse (which is Alana's older brother Patrick's story). Yes, this is a lot of planning, but it's so much fun to see your favorite characters pop up across a series, so I'm undertaking this feat (you should see the character bible).

In the meantime, I've completed revising An Imperfect Bargain, and will format tomorrow, then upload as a freebie for all to grab (I'll put the link up tomorrow).

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