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Day 45 - Trying to be a responsible adult

Thursday is my normal check-in day, but with my co-writer on vacation, I earned a small reprieve. By next Thursday I intend to have this historical chapter and the story completed.

And as I'm working toward the finish line, I already know what my next three projects will be. I'm leaving Wiltshire for Firefly Island and switching from historical to paranormal.

Now, here's my problem... There's an opportunity to work with a specific publisher who focuses on historical romance, I just have to write and edit a novella in the next 4 months. Looking at my current schedule, I'm not sure I'll be able to do that, since prior obligations take precedence.

So, although this desire is bumping around in my head, I'm focused on tonight's task of 500 words. One-third of the chapter completed, and it's lights out. I hope you dream of gentlemen rakes.

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