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Day 43 - Beginning the end

Remember when I said that writing the first chapter of a book is the hardest part? Well, the second hardest part is writing the last chapter. Every loose end either needs to be tied up, or touched upon (as some of them won't be resolved until later books). Because of that, I have started another running list of things that need to be addressed. However, an info dump, no matter where in the text, is never a good thing (and since this is the last part of the book before the reader decides whether they want book 2), that is not the way to close out this chapter.

I ended up writing a skeleton chapter, which is plot outline with a handful of sentences on each plot point. This is not my favorite way to write a chapter, but since those tiny little voices kept popping up with helpful "what about this" reminders, it was the only way to shut them up. I'll have to move things around as I flesh out the chapter, but I like the start of it, and that's comforting.

500 words written and as I went to record the total in my tracker, I realized tomorrow's date. September 22nd. The first day of Autumn, and my mother's birthday. Tomorrow will be a free day. I don't write on her birth date or her death date. It's just too difficult.

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