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Day 15 - A math problem

Tuesday has been brought to you by a math problem.

I read roughly 1 page per minute, however, when editing/revising, it takes me twice as long to read the same words. The current page count on this historical adventure is 243. Therefore, 243 pages x 2 minutes per page = roughly 8 hours. That is assuming I don't hit any weird snags that slow me down. Theoretically, I should be finished in five days (which is Friday night, not Thursday, like I originally intended).

However, my time is being pulled by obligations, and now I'm juggling again. But (and I did type this without crying) because some of the most amazing acts of kindness, I was able to meet those obligations.

Four chapters edited, which is an okay start. Slow and steady wins the race (however, sometimes it helps to have running shoes, or at least a beat to keep you dancing).

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