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Day 14 - Necessary evils

Editing (def.) - When you hand over your soul (be it a chapter or a full book) to someone whose sole purpose is to point out every single minute flaw, and you pay them to do it.


Editors are a necessity (and not evil, at least not that I've seen). While it can be quite disheartening to receive work back coated in notations (and sometimes it takes me a few days to get over it), it really is my pride that is most offended.

To catch some of the easier errors, every chapter goes through an overall edit, a spell/grammar check on Word, then a 2nd spell/grammar check on Docs (because they pick up different mistakes). Once that is completed, then the story or chapter is sent forward.

Before I could begin the realignment reading of the historical co-write, I needed to work through the corrections that came back on chapters 27 and 28, which actually was a good thing, because of a note that requires me to check for an issue throughout the story (good things working together). The edit of those two chapters took longer than I expected, since the issues that arose were not simple grammar changes, but potential plot bunnies. With only two planned chapters left before the end of the story, the loose ends need to be tied up, or at least accounted for.

I had hoped to complete this by Thursday, but I'm rather enjoying the story, and I have to keep going backward because I forget I'm supposed to be editing.

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