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Exclusive Sneak Peak

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VIRTUALLY YOURS appearing in Illicit Contemporary Romance Collection

A steamy, contemporary suspense novel that will propel you into the ultimate 21st century hook up. All the exciting pleasures and passions of an affair, without any of the brutal consequences.

Welcome to Virtually Yours. Are you ready to unleash your wildest fantasies?

Virtuall Yours


*** Sneak Peak ***

      He slipped across the floor. A shadow hiding in the soft folds of the room’s heavy curtains, which lined the walls and rose to the ceiling like a black forest of velvet. His stocking feet made no sound as he glided over the plush, deep red carpet. The color stretched halfway across the room and melted into the silvery hue of the company’s elegant logo. Virtually Yours, a notoriously exclusive dating club, which boasted all the pleasures and passion of an affair without the consequences.

      Members only.

      He paused next to a black leather chair, halfway reclined in the center of the room. His thumb caressed the embroidered silver and pink emblem stitched into the headrest. Black nylon restraints, poised in stiff half-circles, waited impatiently for the next patron. The unusual precaution, a necessity after an unnamed–and well compensated–customer fractured their cheekbone during a particularly violent sexual encounter, prevented the participant from falling to the ground during ecstasy. He smirked. The very same automated safety restraint system also prevented the person from escaping.

      His fingers trailed lightly down one of the leather arms, stroking the supple material. Memories flooded his mind; her body writhing beneath him, blood trailing from the corner of her lips and dripping seductively down her soft skin–a crimson river of death–and the screaming… Desire coursed through his veins.

      Caressing the arm, his fingertips brushed over tiny gouge marks that were dug into the underside of the arm; little half-moon shapes of anguish. Savannah. How she shrieked with pleasure… and with pain. His only regret was killing her too quickly. This time would be different. This time he would draw out his ecstasy.



Travel back to the beginning

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Teetering on the edge of spinsterhood, a woman discovers her fiancé has been hiding the truth about his identity… and hers.

With her cousin on honeymoon and her aunt's matchmaking propensities now solely focused on her, Annabelle escapes to the cliffs of Firefly Island for solace. When her scarf is ripped from her neck by a gust of wind, Annabelle descends the dangerous cliff in search of the wayward cloth. Instead, she unearths an iridescent rock, half-buried in the beach below.


Tristan Farr was sent to Firefly Island for one purpose, to determine if Annabelle Scott was the missing daughter of the Draper clan and bring her forward to his time period. He did not anticipate falling for her adventurous spirit. Unable to deny his instant attraction, he enters into negotiations for her hand, ignoring his true mission and putting them both in unimaginable danger.


However, when Annabelle and the mysterious rock are abducted, a sinister plot emerges, one which will destroy the budding relationship. Once Annabelle’s true ancestry is revealed, she is left with a heartbreaking decision: hide in the past or step forward into the future.


Intrigue, fantasy, and passion are infused in this bewitching tale which will lead you on an incredible adventure through time, reminiscent of Jude Deveraux and Diana Gabaldon. Travel back to the beginning in the fourth book of the Firefly Island series.

Click today to experience the thrill of CONJURED!

Are you ready to unleash your wildest fantasies?

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Virtually Yours… appearing in Illicit Contemporary Romance Collection

When Detective Ava Ross catches her fiancé in a compromising position, she decides it is time to take out the trash. Newly single and heartbroken, Ava’s best friend drags her to a private club, promising an intriguing new world of seduction; virtual reality. However, neither woman has any idea of the danger they have stepped into.

The discovery of a murdered socialite leads Detective Leo Alexander to the new club outside of town. The resemblances between this case and a previous one has him convinced a serial killer is responsible for the deaths of both women. However, Leo is worried, the killer has a favorite type, and they all look just like Ava.

Against Leo’s wishes, Ava volunteers to return to Virtually Yours to draw out the killer. Their plan works perfectly, except for one small hitch… how do you defend yourself when you are strapped to a chair?

A steamy, contemporary suspense novel that will propel you into the ultimate 21st century hook up. All the exciting pleasures and passions of an affair, without any of the brutal consequences.

Welcome to Virtually Yours. CLICK today to unleash your wildest fantasies.

Discover the cost of true love

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A victim of obligation discovers the cost of true love:

one soul.Cover
POSSESSED (Paranormal Tales from Firefly Island)


Gabrielle wastes her days slogging away behind a desk, fending off the unwanted advances of her manager, and her nights spoon-feeding memories to her mother, a new resident of an assisted-living facility specializing in dementia.

The only high-point in her life is Luciano, the striking grandson of another patient, who suffers the same fate as she. When his grandmother dies, Luciano gives Gabrielle a farewell gift: an antique music box.

But the music box hides an evil curse–one which demands a unique sacrifice. Once the truth is revealed, Gabrielle must decide what–and who–she is willing to sacrifice for love.


Fans of Christine Feehan and Nora Roberts will be captivated by the third book in this haunting paranormal series. Click now and fall in love on Firefly Island!


On sale for a limited time - just 99 cents through the end of December.

Join in on the Spooktacular Blog Hop and have a Howling Good Time #Spooktacular #BlogHop

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While the fall nights are getting colder, you might need something to keep you warm!


If you love heat like we do, you'll love the fantastic romantic fiction that can be found on the blogs of this hop. 

From sweet to downright sizzling, you'll be sure to find something that you will fall in love with!


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Ready to be HEXED?

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A witch without her powers must choose between a dangerous love

and a dark destiny.



When circumstances outside of Remy Vasile’s control bring her back to Firefly Island, the undeveloped witch doesn’t just find herself up against painful memories. This time, the island of secrets has thrown her into a perilous new world.

Sebastian Ayres’ blasé attitude and life of pleasurable pursuits is disrupted the moment Remy’s hand brushes his. Irresistibly drawn to his mate, Sebastian must undertake the daunting task of persuading her that he is not just any man, but the only man for her.

But unbeknownst to either, dark secrets, hidden since Remy’s birth, are about to be uncovered, and Remy will be confronted with a life-altering decision. Remy must decide if she will fight and risk her heart...or continue running from her destiny to save her life.

Reminiscent of Anne Rice and Charlaine Harris, Alyssa Drake's Firefly Island series will cast a seductive spell on you. Grab the book that readers are calling HARD TO PUT DOWN! One click today and get HEXED!

TIMELESS - fall in love with a gentleman

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Some romance is simply… Timeless

Since our earliest of days, we have dreamed of being whisked away by a dashing and handsome man.

From men of nobility to those of power and stature, the men you'll meet in these stories know just how to sweep their leading ladies off their feet.

Curl up with this compilation of Historical and Regency Romances. These kind of love stories are… timeless.

Annabelle by Alyssa Drake

A mysterious rock, a secretive stranger, an instant attraction...

An Earl for Ellen by Catherine Bilson

True beauty is more than skin deep.

Tamed by Love by Sandra Sookoo

Only when the heart finds its true match can the soul fly.

Higher Tides, Book 3.5 in the Lost Colony Series by Jo Grafford

Falling for the enemy...

Weaved in Time by Lexi Ostrow

Passion flares and when a magical secret exposes a truth, complications arise and they'll have to decide: live together or live in their own century.

Seeking Charity by Josie Riviera

Does he love the girl she was…or the woman she has become?

Goodwin’s Lady by Ava Bari

Sometimes marriage is murder.


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Join in on the Sizzling Summer Blog Hop #SizzlingSummer #BlogHop

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While the summer nights might be slipping by, they are still sizzling hot
If you love heat like we do, you'll love the fantastic romantic fiction that can be found on the blogs of this hop. 
From sweet to downright sizzling, you'll be sure to find something that you will fall in love with!

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The Auction is open

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 Hearts For Sale is now available!!! On sale for 99 CENTS…




On the run from the man who murdered her parents, Eliza passes from town to town, leaving no trace of herself. Three years of hiding in the shadows. Three years of looking over her shoulder.


A chance encounter with socialite, Sabrina Maldove, leads to an unexpected car ride and a proposal; a ten-thousand-dollar payment in exchange for auctioning herself at a charity event. Desperate and broke, Eliza agrees, finding herself thrown into a world of luxury, and into the path of Sabrina's sexy brother, Nate. Her immediate attraction to him puzzles Eliza. Love-struck, she straddles a fine line between the life she knows and the possibility of a different future.


However, someone at the auction recognizes Eliza, and they will do anything to keep her true identity a secret. Turning to Nate for protection, Eliza and his family develop a risky plan to draw out her parents' executioner; offering Eliza as bait to the highest bidder. If they succeed, they will catch a killer, but if they fail, Eliza will lose her life.


This spicy contemporary romance is suitable for readers 18+.


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