Featuring SHELTER OF INNOCENCE, book three in the Damsels Defeating Distress series.

Cities around the world have their own charming allure which pulls you in, allowing you to enjoy their secrets. They offer love, passion, laughter, healing, and even heartache.
The authors have penned these emotions and more into their stories one page at a time. Pack your luggage to join us on our voyage of the heart. Our next destination: Dublin!

This voyage of love encompasses romance with an Irish twist that will have you kissing the Blarney Stone for a chance at true love. Being the perfect city to explore, each story is bound to bring you surprises along the journey. Ancient, present, and future combine when hearts mend together, forming their own traditions of song and dance. Known for its culture, power, and intelligence, Dublin will lure you into its magical grasp. Are you ready to risk your heart in Dublin?

Fur babies. Cuddle bugs. Companions. Those are just a few words that describe our beloved pets and what they mean to us. In this anthology, you will find story after story filled with the love we feel for our four-legged, mostly fur-covered—but maybe not—babies. This collection is packed with an array of genres so that everyone is likely to find something they enjoy with the common theme of pets. Join bestselling and award winning authors and their love of pets in this collection for a cause.

Unconditional is an animal anthology brought to you by Crazy Ink, with all proceeds going to the ASPCA in memory of a special pup named Rocky (Bella Emy's sweet baby).