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Disowned by her mother and suffering from unrequited love, a dismayed wallflower steps out of the shadows and into the path of a vindictive killer…

Through a chance introduction, Miss Daphne Clemens finds herself thrust into a dangerous situation, sequestered on a country estate with the one man she wants, but cannot have: Mr. Thomas Reid.


Following the abrupt termination of his engagement, Thomas expected to remain a bachelor forever, but Daphne’s captivating presence reopens his heart to the possibility of love... until a body is discovered just outside the estate.


Thomas realizes someone in the household is working with Mr. Franklin Morris, feeding information to a killer intent on murdering every person in the chateau… including Daphne. All evidence points to a servant, but when the girl accused of the crime is found to be innocent, Thomas fears he may be too late to save Daphne’s life.


Fans of Stephanie Laurens and Julie Garwood will savor this third installment of the Wiltshire Chronicles which reveals the inner workings of a broken heart, the deviousness of jealously, and the strength of true love.


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Encore! Encore! My new favorite book of this series! This is a fast pace historical mystery thriller romance had me rooted reading like crazy.

Amazon Reviewer

This story has such great elements, bringing you romance, suspense, danger, passion, and even a little humor, I struggled to put it down even for a moment because I was so engrossed. 

Barnes & Noble Reviewer

It was exciting, terrifying in places and very action packed.  I would recommend this book and series to all.

Amazon Reviewer

A Perfect Deception (Wiltshire Chronicles #3)

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