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The Frog's Prince

To save her childhood friend from a reptilian fate, Rana strikes a bargain with a slighted enchantress.  Suddenly green and slimy, Rana must convince Kaleb to kiss her before sunrise or her metamorphosis becomes permanent. Exhibiting more froglike qualities with each passing hour, will Rana be too late to save herself or will she finally get her Prince?

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Healing Touch


Merrick “Mick” Harris returned from war a damaged hero.  He wanted nothing more than to sink quietly into his enforced retirement.  When he discovers feisty Hannah Blaine occupying his favorite pub stool, a verbal battle ensues.  However, Hannah is hiding a secret, and when Merrick discovers the truth, he realizes Hannah may be the very person to heal his scarred heart.

The proceeds from your purchase (every penny) will go to the British Red Cross’s UK Solidarity Fund.

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Hexing Hearts

At eighteen, undeveloped witch, Remy Vasile abandoned her island home without a backward glance.  Five years later, circumstances outside of Remy’s control have drawn her back to Firefly Island, dredging up painful memories which lay dormant during her absence.

Sebastian Ayres enjoyed a life of pleasure pursuits.  However, his blasé attitude evaporates the moment Remy’s hand brushes against his.  Irresistibly drawn to his mate, Sebastian must undertake the daunting task of persuading Remy that he is not just any man, but the only man, for her.

Unbeknownst to either, dark secrets, hidden since Remy’s birth, are about to be uncovered and Remy will be confronted with a life-altering decision.  With the help of her sister and some unexpected allies, Remy must decide if she will fight and risk her heart or continue running from her destiny.

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I'll Be Seein' You

True love never dies....


Tormented by horrendous nightmares after witnessing the horrific death of her husband, Jenny drifts through each day, a vacant shell.  Two months after Walker’s death, an anonymous Halloween gift is delivered, setting into motion a chilling plan of revenge.  When a disturbing phone call sends Jenny reeling, she fights to separate fantasy from reality.  Is this all just an elaborately cruel prank or has Walker returned from the grave to reclaim his bride?

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