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Anthology (Book 1)

featuring The Frog's Prince

Combining the magic of fantasy and love. Nine novellas retelling classic fairy tales with a romantic twist from some of your favorite romance authors. Rediscover Happily Ever After. 18+

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Healing Touch


Merrick “Mick” Harris returned from war a damaged hero.  He wanted nothing more than to sink quietly into his enforced retirement.  When he discovers feisty Hannah Blaine occupying his favorite pub stool, a verbal battle ensues.  However, Hannah is hiding a secret, and when Merrick discovers the truth, he realizes Hannah may be the very person to heal his scarred heart.

The proceeds from your purchase (every penny) will go to the British Red Cross’s UK Solidarity Fund.

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I'll Be Seein' You

True love never dies....


Tormented by horrendous nightmares after witnessing the horrific death of her husband, Jenny drifts through each day, a vacant shell.  Two months after Walker’s death, an anonymous Halloween gift is delivered, setting into motion a chilling plan of revenge.  When a disturbing phone call sends Jenny reeling, she fights to separate fantasy from reality.  Is this all just an elaborately cruel prank or has Walker returned from the grave to reclaim his bride?

TALES FOR THE SEASON: A Christmas Anthology

~ Christmas Among Doves ~
(this tale is clean)

Christmas in the snow sounded like a good idea when Tess’ sister, Kaitlyn, pitched the idea of spending their annual sister holiday at a working ranch. Mid-flight, Tess discovers Kaitlyn’s underlying motive is to spend the next seven days seducing the owners of Dove Ranch. Stuck in the snow with no electricity and a cowboy-crazy sister, Tess finds solace with the eldest Dove brother, Weston, who deplores the suggestive misdirection of the ranch’s new advertising scheme. When a chance moment under the mistletoe ignites a hidden attraction, Tess and Weston are forced to choose between fighting their desire or surrendering to love.